Dog Weight Loss Tips, Including an Automatic Fetch Machine

The Gobone keeps you dog active and from getting overweight.

Unfortunately it is true that up to 45% of all of the pet dogs in America are overweight, which amounts to about 35 million of them who are carrying more weight that is healthy or necessary.

It has been discerned by leading veterinarians that dogs which are kept to their normal weight over the period of their lives, will tend to live an additional two years longer than their counterparts who are carrying too many pounds.

However, it is difficult for the average pet owner to realize and understand that their dog is overweight. Unfortunately, most of us feel that if our dog is a little plump, it’s OK, or that they are simply not getting enough exercise.

Most dogs are indoor dogs, and they really do not get enough exercise, even when pet owners feel that their dog “hardly eats anything anyway.” If most dog owners would be truthful, they would also admit that they feed their dogs, not only their dog food, but everything else from the dinner table, from leftover meat, potatoes and ice cream.

Because I don’ have enough time to walk my dog 3 times every day, I have been looking at ways for him to be active when I am away from home. When I stumbled upon the iFetch Too I immediately wanted to try it. Fetching is something that my dogs really like so if I can teach them to put the ball it’s game over. I can just relax and they work out while having fun.

So if owners really do catch on, they can play a major role in helping their pets, and in many cases, their best friend, lose weight and maintain their health.

There are some really good dog weight loss tips that can be implemented fairly easily if the owner is willing to take some direction and monitor their dog’s feeding and activities.

There is one rule that, if done at all, will be the main factor in a dog losing weight. That one rule says that if a dog burns more calories that it takes in, the dog will lose weight. In reality, that is all there is to it.

One of the big problems is that you, the owner, and the dog equate the feeding of the dog with love. The owner feels gratified that the dog is being loved and cared for, and of course the dog always seems hungry anyway, so he or she is a willing participant.

Ask your veterinarian for a daily portion of the dog’s favorite food which should be consumed and stick to that amount and nothing more. Don’t give in to the dog “begging” at your mealtime, as now you need to train the dog not to do that.

Your vet can give you an idea of the number of calories to give the dog, and have the dog be able to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. Of course there are different levels of food that your veterinarian will advise that you give your dog, but that will depend upon the dog’s age and levels of activity.

Give your dog only the portions advised by the vet, and don’t “free feed” your dog. If you do he will just eat it all, and your weight loss plans for him will be for naught.

Among some of the dog weight loss tips, one that stands out is the fact that dogs need adequate exercise. Dogs are built to be active, and so daily exercise is important. Take your dog for a daily walk, and it probably won’t do you any harm either.